Caroline Wickham-Jones Archaeology & Consultancy

CWJ edit I am a trained archaeologist, living in the islands of Orkney off the north coast of Scotland. We have some of the best archaeological sites in the world here and I have worked in and amongst them for nearly forty years!

In recent years I worked as a lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, but I have now returned to full time consultancy work. If you think I can help with something, please get in touch to discuss your needs, how I might help, and my rates.

c.wickham-jones AT

My most recent book focusses on the submerged landscapes around the British Isles and puts them into a global context. I’m always working on new publications and I have a few academic papers about to come out. Would you like to read something I have written?  You should be able to find my books on Amazon, or ask your local library! If you have problems finding anything then do get in touch. I can always send examples of shorter work.

  • Wickham-Jones CR 2018 Landscape Beneath the Waves, the archaeological investigation of underwater landscapes. Oxbow Books.
  • Wickham-Jones CR 2015 Between the Wind and the Water, World Heritage Orkney. Windgather Press. (revised edition)
  • Wickham-Jones CR 2012 The Monuments of Orkney. Historic Scotland
  • Wickham-Jones CR 2010 Fear of Farming. Oxbow Books
  • Wickham-Jones CR 2009 The Landscape of Scotland, a hidden history. Tempus Books.
  • Wickham-Jones CR Scotland’s First Settlers. Birlinn Press.

You can read some reviews at goodreads.

To the left you will see links to my blog entries, use the blog menu to explore them. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Please feel free to forward or share it, but let me know if you want to quote anything. I’m very happy to be quoted and shared but remember –  copyright lies with me! And do get in touch if you have any questions.